Get Involved

How To Get Involved

Do you care about the issues? Do you want to help make change? We need you! We approached the development of these plays inclusively, with voices from different communities hailing from all over the U.S. We engaged thought leaders in diverse areas to inform the process and work. We are working with a radically generous modeland all productions are PAY WHAT YOU CAN. Your donations will subsidize and support this work for the populations that need it most.

There are three main approaches for you and/or your organization to engage with the plays:

Community Reading Series

8-10 plays read by non-actors at a table with facilitated conversation. Serves 5-30 participants with a 2-hour footprint. Best done in living rooms, religious institutions, rehearsal rooms with donors, or office conference rooms for professional development.

Curated Excerpts from the Full Collection

1-40 plays that can be fully staged (memorized, with costumes), or in a reading. 5-60 minutes in length.

The Full Collection

3-6 hour time commitment that can be produced by 1 institution or 8-15 organizations in collaboration. Usually takes the form of a staged reading, but can be fully produced.

Thought Leaders & Contributers

The people listed here generously contributed their thoughts, creative energy, organizing skill, in kind, and financial support. They say it takes a village. In our case it takes the world. Thank you to all listed here!


Give to help us produce this series and continue the movement. The 28 Hours Plays is an ongoing series. Click here to see our upcoming and past events.